Brief History


Our school was built in 1934 and named “Taipei Miyamae Common School” under Japanese Colonial Rule. During the construction of the building, students studied at Taipei Nishin Common School, which is now Taipei Rixin Elementary School.

In 1968, the name of the school changed into “Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Elementary School”.

Our gifted program commenced in 1973. This was the first gifted program in Taipei. It was centralized at the beginning and now is developed into versatile resource class.

Kindergarten was first set up in 1991 and added one more class because of the increase of students last year.

In 2006, we started a program in which we set up 2 classes for talented students in sports.

In 2011, we ran an ICT project in which we rearranged 4 classrooms into E-classrooms, Two for general purposes, one for music class, and the other for English class.

In 2012, we ran another ICT project. It’s M-Learning experiment.